What Is Another Word For Anti?

What does anti mean slang?

AgainstSummary of Key PointsANTIDefinition:AgainstType:Slang Word (Jargon)Guessability:1: Easy to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers.

What’s the opposite of pro?

What is the opposite of pro?averseantipatheticallergicantipodeanantitheticalunfriendlyagainstaginantifromward9 more rows

Is it pronounced anti or anti?

The prefix “anti” is acceptably pronounced both ways, however it is usually pronounced [antai] (or to a lesser extent [anti]) when stressed or emphasized, and [antɪ] as in ‘lid’ when said otherwise. Highly active question.

IS ANTI a root?

What does the word root ‘anti’ mean? … So, we can easily remember that the root word ‘anti’ means oppose to something/ against someone or something /act to prevent something.

What is a antonym for anti?

anti(adjective) Antonyms: pro. anti(noun) A person opposed to a concept or principle.

What is the full form of anti?

The Full form of ANTI is Against, or ANTI stands for Against, or the full name of given abbreviation is Against.

Does anti mean for or against?

Anti-: Prefix generally meaning “against, opposite or opposing, and contrary.” In medicine, anti- often connotes “counteracting or effective against” as in antibacterial, anti-infective, and antiviral. … As a prefix, anti- may be shortened to ant- as in antacid. “Anti” is the Greek word for “against.”

Does anti mean before?

Usage notes. Anti- should not be confused with the prefix ante- of Latin (not Greek) origin meaning “before”. (However, anti- does exist as a variant spelling of ante- in some borrowed words, such as anticipate and antipasto, but this spelling cannot be used to coin English words.)

What is the anti OF LESS?

When used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb, the opposite of less is ‘more’. If it functions as a preposition, its opposite is ‘plus’.

What is the difference between ante and anti?

The prefix ante- means preceding or before, in relation to physical position or point in time. The prefix ante- is derived from the Latin word ante, which means in front of, before. … The prefix anti- means against, opposed to, opposite of, counteracting.

What does opposed mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast one military force opposed to another concreteness as opposed to abstraction— L. E. Lynch. 2 : to place opposite or against something oppose the enemy oppose a congressional bill.

What is a word for anti?

opposite, againstanti-: opposite, againstantipodalantipathyantithesisantiantibioticanticlimacticanticlimaxantidoteantifreezeantipatheticantiperspirantantipodesantisepticantisocialantithetical.

How do you use anti?

As a word on its own anti is an adjective or preposition describing a person or thing that is against someone or something else. In a casual sense anti is sometimes used as a noun for a person who is against something — if you’re not on the pro side, you’re an anti.

What is an example of anti?

Anti is defined as opposed to something. An example of anti is how Mothers Against Drunk Driving feel about people who drive after drinking. A person opposed to some policy, proposal, action, etc. … A person who is opposed to something, such as a group, policy, proposal, or practice.

What does ANIY mean?

DawnA submission from India says the name Aniy means “Dawn”.